I’m Lydia, a digital product designer.
I strive to improve the lives of individuals through holistic and action-driven design.


Selected work

I designed the user experience for the first wireless Bluetooth lighting system for heavy machinery to enhance safety for operators.

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I redesigned the course plan feature to support teachers to educate and also guide students intuitively for better learning.

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I added storytelling and designed a kit to help employees get their idea explored, and not ignored.

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I’m an Austrian digital product designer with 3+ years of experience. I have both led and been involved in all phases of projects, from effective strategy to aesthetic visual design. My focus is to deliver holistic user experiences that solve a problem, create memories, build trust, form new habits and inspire.

When I am not seeing patterns or designing products you can find me windsurfing on the Swedish west coast, reading about the human mind, painting, or building stuff.

My approach

Latest articles

I was on my train commute home and heard the familiar “tickets please”. Opposite me sat an elderly lady, with a printed paper in her hand, readily awaiting the train conductor to check it.

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We all know the feeling. The identity crisis that comes with being a designer is not easy to overcome. Somehow we are solving problems for others all the time, but when it comes to ourselves it feels impossible.

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Other experiments

AI voice animation

Nessie illustration

Toggle animation

Arachnid render

Celebrate button

Dark Brew Sea Branding

Published article with the UX collective.

I spoke on a panel about the improved conditions and user experience for the INTELLilight™ app.

Every year I share about the life of a designer at the Industry week for Interaction Design Students in Malmö.

I was interviewed for jayway’s podcast about if UX Design can be perfect.