hi, I'm Lydia

I‘m a UX Designer with over 2 years experience conceptualising and crafting user-centric digital products and services based on research and strategy. Using my background in graphic design I enhance interfaces by strategically implementing design principles, colors, typography, icons, animations and visual content.

I currently work at Jayway by devoteam in Malmö with clients across a variety of industries. Additionally I am the Lead of the Visual Design Community, where I share my own knowledge and passion, hold workshops and organise get-togethers to inspire other designers.

With my broad experience in designing digital products in their whole lifecycle, I can see every step of the process and am able to do every task along the way – from facilitating workshops or crafting the art direction to designing intuitive, delightful user interfaces. I also have experience in independently leading projects, and working very closely with clients.

I am a tech geek and want to create more projects using new technologies that are merging physical and digital, including more 3D work, XR, multimodal design and projection mapping.

Want to have a chat or have an idea for a collab? Write me mail to lyjenewein@gmail.com.

When not designing I:
– Read up on how brains work
– Windsurf
– Have my own art business
– Go on outdoor adventures with my sambo and dog

Most likely to:
– Rewatch all seasons of Criminal Minds for the nth time
– Talk with hands and feet
– Have some side project going on


I held an internal Illustration Workshop at Jayway. Read more about it on Jayway’s post.


Read my case study about the interactive, audiovisual exhibition I created published on Muzli.


Listen to me speak about the topic “Can UX Design be perfect?” on Raspcast – a podcast by Jayway.