I’m Lydia, a service & product designer.
I strive to improve the lives of individuals through holistic and action-driven design.

Selected work

I designed the user experience for the first wireless Bluetooth lighting system for heavy machinery to enhance safety for operators.

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I redesigned the course plan feature to support teachers to educate and also guide students intuitively for better learning.

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I added storytelling and designed a kit to help employees get their idea explored, and not ignored.

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I’m an Austrian service & product designer with 4+ years of experience. I have both led and been involved in all phases of projects, from effective strategy to aesthetic visual design. My focus is to deliver holistic user experiences that solve a problem, create memories, build trust, form new habits and inspire.

When I am not seeing patterns or designing products you can find me windsurfing on the Swedish west coast, reading about the human mind, painting, or building stuff.

My approach

Latest articles

“Should we all lose faith in UX”, “UX design is dead”, “Things you’ll hate when being a UX designer” — these were just some of the headlines that I have read this week alone. I am sick of all the negativity. So, I wrote an article about all the dope things about working with UX.

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I was on my train commute home and heard the familiar “tickets please”. Opposite me sat an elderly lady, with a printed paper in her hand, readily awaiting the train conductor to check it.

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Other experiments

AI voice animation

Nessie illustration

Toggle animation

Arachnid render

Celebrate button

Dark Brew Sea Branding

Published article with the UX collective.

I spoke on a panel about the improved conditions and user experience for the INTELLilight™ app.

Every year I share about the life of a designer at the Industry week for Interaction Design Students in Malmö.

I was interviewed for jayway’s podcast about if UX Design can be perfect.

Unconventional designer by morning, surfer by noon

Hi, I’m Lydia Jenewein. An Austrian that got stuck in Varberg.

In my over 3 years as a designer I’ve been on many projects short, long, tall, wacky, chaotic, calm – nothing is to scary for me!  A box that makes your idea heard? Magical Bluetooth light control? A fun learning platform kids? Sure thing, I will fix it! I thrive in the discovery and ideation phase with design sprints, prototyping, concept creation as well in delivering high-quality, delightful designs. I like is the challenge, the openness to new ideas and new angles to problems. I use whichever design method I think will benefit, often changing them and putting my own twist on them to perfectly fit the client, the project or sometimes my mood. I am a rulemaker and a rulebreaker.

Send me a little digital letter: lyjenewein@gmail.com

My process

Maybe it’s a bit more complicated than that…

It’s hard to put a title on what I do, having led projects and also designed into the last detail of it. I am a gatherer of tools and a tinker, I just like to know about everything so I can easily and quickly create ideas, experiments and get my concept understood.

Regardless of the project work I do – I care most about working is to lift up my team, through mentoring juniors and creating new ways of working that set us up for success, as well as fix things to make the workplace a great place to be.


Panel discussion about personalised work lighting

Talking about the user experience that we focused on for the INTELLilight app

Curious? Watch it here

FI-GAME Meetup

Mixing Figma and Unity meetup teams to create a super simple and fun tiny game

The proof

Featured Case study on Muzli home

My case study about the digital exhibition that I designed and build was featured on Muzli 🙂

How did I make an exhibition? Read here

”Can UX be perfect” – Raspcast podcast

Talking on Jayways internal podcast on the good stuff!

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Advisory Board for UX arena

On the advisory board alongside 14 others to contribute with my perspective for the restudy to create a UX arena in the Gothenburg area

My name is mentioned here

Talk for IxD students in Industry Week for

A talk about how it is to work as a designer in the wild and a virtual tour of The Techno Creatives office

Instagram post

Remote Illustration workshop

Hands-on illustration workshop for skill sharing at Jayway by devoteam.