Gleerups course plan redesign

Improving the learning and teaching experience through strategy and design

Gleerups – Course plan redesign

I redesigned the course plan based on research, feedback and interviews to fit the needs of teachers and students.

Gleerups is Swedens biggest digital learning platform for teaching materials, digital teaching tools, course literature and competence development from preschool to university. Their goal is to provide the best possible support for successful learning in school.

My Role

Digital Product Designer @Jayway


5 months


Lucia Fryett (Designer)
Alexandra Törn (Project Manager)
August Alfredsson (Developer)
Niclas Lövdahl (Developer)
Sara Egli (Developer)

Knowledge is power – teaching is fuel


Let’s do a scenario! You are a biology teacher, you have digital course literature for biology that has 600 pages and you want to teach your 6th-graders about bacteria. You could just tell them “open the book on page 365” and read that. Or – you make a course plan with combining different pages of the biology book, adding youtube videos, adding links to a fun game and some exercises. On top of that you can track your students progress to fully support them individually. Suddenly teaching becomes a lot more fun and easy!


– Make the tool better and less frustrating
– Make the course plan tool more efficient and offer greater value to all user
– Enable students to be able to navigate more easily through and complete course plans

Getting lost in learning – not in a good way

We had to do it for the kiiiids! And the teachers! The course planning tool was already in place on the platform, but it was just not working. Here is why: Teachers could not organise or find course plans easily. Teachers and students did not have an overview of a course plan. Students forgot their progress over time and had no way of easily returning where they last left off. Students got lost, because when clicking the next arrow instead of staying in the course plan they go to the next chapter in the course literature.

the road to success is just many small steps

My biggest responsibility was to reduce cognitive overload by breaking a big journey into smaller steps and guiding students intuitively through a course plan in order to learn effectively. Kids (and adults) of any age, as we all know, are easily distracted and all over the place. So the UX and UI had to be simple when inside the course plan to maximise the focus area: the material they are supposed to learn. On top the user gets rewarded for good behaviour when finishing a section with marking it as done – and not punished when they do not finish it. Motivational triggers are in place to reward and lead students to continue on their path of learning with small steps which will amount to a big journey.


Designing for kids is so special and to understand how education is shaped in such a digital age is just interesting to see. Creating something that uplifts and encourages learning while also receiving positive teacher feedback will always stay with me. One of my personal goals for this project was to contribute heavily with my knowledge and experience in visual design and art direction to bring this platform to the next level.

Tubular data:

“With this the course plan becomes a course literature in and of itself – which is amazing. You can see your progress which I love for the students, and I think they will love it too.”

– increased creation of course plans by more than 70%

– increased completion of course plans by more than 80%