I designed the INTELLilight app with a self-explanatory and efficient user experience that shines a new light on the heavy machinery.


I designed the INTELLilight™ app with a self-explanatory and efficient user experience that shines a new light on the heavy machinery.

INTELLilight™ is the first and only wireless Bluetooth lighting system for heavy machinery on the market that allows for personalised lightning through adjusting color temperature and brightness from their smartphone or remote, enhancing safety in high-risk industries.


Digital Product Designer & Design Lead @The Techno Creatives


1 year // 2021 – 2022


Martin Persson (Strategy Lead)
Jiaojiao Xu (Senior Digital Product Designer)
Thanh Le (Senior Developer)
David Göransson (Senior Developer)
Dylan Hand (Senior Developer)
Steffen Ernst (Senior Developer)
Ville Petersson (Senior Developer)
Martin Carltoft (Senior Developer)
Jonas Hultén (DevOps)



Imagine you are operating a 30 ton monster of steel in pitch black darkness in rough terrain. The only options for are light on or off. On – they are blinding and reflecting to you and everyone around you. When they are off… Well you can’t see anything. This is the hard reality for operators currently driving heavy machinery in high risk industries. TYRI wanted to make a change to that and came up with the bright idea of the INTELLilight™ system, a completely new way of lighting.

App Experience Principles that guided us

– Self-Explanatory
– Efficient
– Informative
– Scalable

Focusing on what really matters to operators

When doing our research and guerilla testing, we knew we can’t make it even tougher on operators. They want to do their work efficiently and effectively. Adding a phone with a touch screen in the mix seems counterintuitive. And I am with you there – but the flexibility and efficiency that gets introduced with an app can’t be beat. So our focus was to have a smooth setup experience and the lights can be controlled by both smartphone or remote.

The visual design is kept to an absolute minimum but adding parts of delight with custom illustrations.

Bluetooth & cloud – what could go wrong… right?

Well, a lot.

You would think that Bluetooth would work flawlessly at this point, but really – it is hard to develop for it. It can be unpredictable. We knew from the start we would need to design and develop for a lot of different errors and edge cases while making it seem easy to the user. I definitely had to up my game on UX writing to stay consistent with language and tone.

Testing almost to scale

We tested early and often. Of course in every project as a designer you would like to have many, many user tests. Buf often the budget (especially for an MVP) just does not give room for all that we want. Due to it’s many components and complicated tech, we designed and developed with the real lights and even a real Caterpillar dumptruck toy – basically the real deal. These moments don’t just give us insights on interactions but also adds the fun and excitement to this job. Personally I am a big advocate for getting out of my screen and applying real life to designs.


We did it! I am so proud of this app. The amount of thought and effort that the team put into this app is astounding and it really shows in the end product.

Some juicy facts

– 10 000 units being build now

– Extended project

Have a look: