RE:SONANCE digital exhibition

Creating an abstract, immersive, interactive audiovisual 3D experience

Re:sonance – digital exhibition

I planned, designed and published a digital exhibition to explore interactive 3D and sound.

re:sonance is a self initiated, digital exhibition project that takes viewers on an interactive, audiovisual 3D journey with sounds based on naturalistic soundscape and harmonising, captivating visuals.


Designer & Lead @Personal project


1 month


Emily Kornaat (Sound Designer)

If it crunches like ice it’s probably an audio experience


When the second wave of the pandemic hit Sweden I thought to myself stress levels are at an all time high with financial insecurity, uncertainty about the future and social isolation. Spending all our time indoors has led to more people wanting to explore the outdoors and nature, allowing people to meet others at a safe distance and breaking out of our own four walls.

How could we take a part of nature and combine it with a feeling of connectedness? What if we could make it easily accessible to take a break, explore and relax?

Is it even an artsy exhibition if it doesn’t have an abstract name?

We named this exhibition RE:SONANCE combining the words resonate (“evoke images, memories, and emotions”) and sonance (“Sound”). I designed the logo for it, keeping it very clean, in black & white to let the colorful shapes stand out. I first played around with different fonts, then decided on the strong sans-serif Bebas Neue. I really wanted to give this logo a 3D space, and move away from flat design. I achieved that with the blend effect and playing with opacities and the 3D effect in Illustrator. Also applying a bit of monochromatic noise in photoshop, gave this logo more character, instead of a perfect finish.

Shoutout to

Oh, the highs and lows of learning a new tool. It was quite difficult at first to get a hang of Cables. Cables is visual coding, you have OPs that you place and then connect to each other – similar to nodes. After lots of tutorials, creating ugly things and looking at other peoples patches I was finally able to set up a shape base. I could reuse this same base but tweak or exchange effects somewhat easily. Every shape is visually unique and my own artistic interpretation of the naturalistic base sound or finished audio.


Honestly, at some point in this project I thought to myself that I bit off more than I can chew. And I am so happy I pulled through. I learned so much through this incredible project and was able to really let my creativity go wild – visually and through with problem solving. Having to code visually and the website was a nice reminder of how parts work together, and how often it can be difficult to navigate through technical constraints that you did not consider before. I’m really happy and got an amazing positive response from so many lovely people too. Big thanks to my friend Emily too, it was so much fun to work on this!

Ripe facts:

”Wow! I took my time playing around and I will probably go back again soon, they are like digital stress balls!”

”I found the results of this so inspiring that I had to take a look at the case study for this: and it’s such a well documented and interesting story of exploration. For anyone interested its a really worthwhile read!! And great example of a first testable product.”

– Featured on muzlis start page and desktop app

”This made me realise how much I miss going on art exhibitions! Really liked the look and feel of it and together with the sounds it was a very nice experience.”

”How beautifully done! You guys have so much talent.”