Take flight

Take flight – Figjam Template

I designed and published a Figjam template for project Kick-offs and Retrospectives that will take your team to new heights!

This was a personal project that was inspired by boring retrospectives where nobody had anything to say even though there are definitely things that should be said.


Digital Product Designer @The Techno Creatives


Me myself and I!

plane and simple the most fun way to track your project


Kick-offs and Retrospectives should not be a chore. They’re there to help you along the project to improve and reflect. Retros specifically can be too open and broad, so we forget to topics that need addressing. With this template, you will be able to see patterns through being reminded what you have noted down in the beginning. The team will be more aligned about the project – the positives and potential troubles. This leads to more successful projects or averted crashes!

Long flight short

– More fun
– More specific
– More patterns
– More flexible
– Lots of flight metaphors


Cool things about this template

– Increased goal achievement through personal tracking

– Never fails to bring a smile to peoples faces with ridicolous flight references

– X times duplicated in the first month (TBD)