Volvo Connected Solutions - Game

Volvo connected solutions – game

I created and designed the visual direction through exploration of different styles and designed the game UI.

“Connect the data” tells a story that Volvo is more than building vehicles. Through a puzzle game, the users learn what kind of data Volvo has and what services they build with it.

My role

Digital Product Designer @The Techno Creatives


2 months


Filip Svalander (Digital Product Designer)
Simon Jimmefors (Digital Product Designer)
Markus Tinnfält (Unity Developer)

Volvo who?


Volvo they make cars!

That right there is the current problem. Whenever you mention Volvo the only thing that comes to mind is cars, trucks and maybe heavy machinery. But in reality Volvo Group is super crazy multifaceted! One of those facets is utilising data science in many aspects of their product development. And for that they need lots of new young talents within that field. What better way to get their attention through a tricky game that they have to solve?

Gamify data science

We needed this game to be eye-catching, fun to figure out and challenging. Visually we decided it should not look like the arbitrary portrayal of data in sci-fi movies.

Pedal to the medal with Figma

I just love Figma. But I was a bit stumped on how to design for a 3D space in a 2D platform. Using gradients and isometric plugins worked like a charm. In my spare time I paint, so understanding light and shadow does help majorly. In this project I practiced to quickly iterating conceptual ideas leaving the perfection behind and testing lots of ideas rapidly.

Volvos branding is more corporate and obviously not created for a game. So I had to bend the rules just a tiny bit to create something that felt more game like. In the UI the Volvo brand shines through and is like a red threat throughout all Volvo products.


This game is easily addictive. Designed and developed to both work on desktop and mobile you can play it anywhere! I especially grew in this project through visualising and conceptualising ideas super quick.